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World Class Beauty Queens Magazine
Issue 131

OMG, I'm a World Class Celebrity Cover Girl!
Marvel Lequido Doerste Mrs. Universe Continental Europe 2021

Also featured: 
Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class,
Helen Ligutom Director of Mrs Euro Philippines Universe,
Miyabi Miura World Class Beauty Queens Japan Ambassador 2023,
Kaanchan S Farkiya Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021 - A Fairytale Experience at the Parade,
Doreen Nkemjika Duru Ms Charity World United Nations,
Valérie Roy Ms Canadian Beauty International 2021-2022,
Diana Omuoyo Ms World Universal 2022,
Nayeli Scarlett Lara Angeles Miss Petite Guanajuato 2022,
Cinthya Angelica Holguin Rodriguez Mrs Universe Beauty Culture Peru 2022,
Patricia Morales World Latina New Mexico Ms. 2022,

Corazon Ugalde Yellen Armenta World Class Woman Of The Year 2021, 
Lucia Hou World Class Woman of the Decade 2020, 

Issue 131, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Marvel Lequido Doerste

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