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Sidhya Ganesh Miss Teen India USA 2019-2020

Sidhya Ganesh Miss Teen India USA 2019-2020, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine,
Sidhya Ganesh Miss Teen India USA 2019-2020, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine,

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Sidhya Ganesh Miss Teen India USA 2019-2020.

Full name: Sidhya Ganesh

Title/Year: Miss Teen India USA 2019-2020

Pageant System: Miss India USA pageant

Age: 14

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Acting, Community Service

Platform: Empowerment of Underprivileged children & Mental Health

Years competed: 2019

Countries visited: India, Canada, Mexico

Likes: Positivity, Confidence, Hard work

Dislikes: Putting others down and Giving Up

Status: Single

World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us about yourself.

I am Sidhya Ganesh, I am 14 years old and I believe that you are never too young to make a difference. I am not afraid to dream big and I am someone who stays grounded through everything I achieve. I find dance as my way to express and I also use my passion for performing arts to raise funds for various organizations to help our community.

World Class Beauty Queens: What does women Empowerment means to you?

To me, woman empowerment is standing together to advocate for our rights. Whether it is our right to express or our right to decide our future, when we stand together, our voices become ten times stronger and to me, that is true women empowerment.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your pageant history.

In November of 2019, I competed in the Miss Teen India Washington pageant organized by the Ravishing Women Organization and was crowned Miss Teen India WA amongst girls from across my state. After winning this title, I got the chance to represent my state at the National pageant organized by Worldwide Pageants Organization, where I was crowned Miss Teen India USA 2019-20. I have now gotten the opportunity to represent America at the worldwide pageant in October 2020.

World Class Beauty Queens: What inspired you to do your first pageant?

I have always loved being on stage and I have also had a passion for serving the community from a very young age. That was what drew me towards pageants since they gave me the power to advocate for the causes close to my heart and take a stand towards making this world a better place.

World Class Beauty Queens: Why did you choose to compete for your current title?

I chose to compete for my current title since it is a way for Indian girls like me from all around the world to stand strong with their cultural identities and seek to influence and enrich Indian communities everywhere. Most importantly for me, it gave me the gift of carrying the name of my homeland, India, and the land I live in, America, on my sash.

World Class Beauty Queens: To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about?

The Miss Teen India USA pageant is mainly organized by Dharmatma and Neelam Saran’s IFC and it leads to the Miss Teen India Worldwide pageant which is the only international Indian pageant with affiliates in more than 40 countries. It is for Indians from all states and countries to come together and celebrate their culture!

World Class Beauty Queens: What are you being judged on during the competition?

The judged components of the pageant are the Talent Round, Introduction Round, Indian Traditional Wear, Evening Gown, and lastly Question and Answer. The scores compiled from all of these rounds decide the winners!

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your experience during the competition.

I had an amazing experience during the competition! In the Washington round, I made friends that will last forever and at Nationals I got the opportunity to meet so many beautiful girls that I could network with. Bollywood Actors were also present at the event and interacting with them was a lot of fun!

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your platform or what cause do you volunteer for.

I believe in empowerment of underprivileged children and I have worked towards this on many occasions. I have led a team to fundraise, coordinate and build a school in Cambodia. Additionally, through performing arts- based fundraisers, I have associated with the Indian organizations ‘Asha Education for Kids’ ‘SMVA trust’ ‘Sankara Eye Foundation’ and many more, to provide resources to underprivileged children. I have also organized toy drives for various shelters and have played key roles in flashmobs to support orphans in rural belts of India, along with empowering young girls with education. I am currently establishing my own child empowerment based nonprofit. Additionally, I am an advocate for positivity and mental health.

World Class Beauty Queens: What appearances have you done with your title?

Aside from gracing many cultural events and receiving youth inspiration awards, I got to have an interview with Channel ATV, along with working on a blanket drive for a homeless shelter and meeting the mayor of my city. I got to discuss mental health and the importance of community service with my mayor, to plan collaborations in our areas.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are some of your achievements?

I am a 3-time International champion for Future Problem Solving, a worldwide competition that judges critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. I also recently performed at an IIM United Nations conference to represent Indian dance forms for delegates. Aside from this, I am a national Reflections award-winning choreographer and have won the Indian Dance TV shows ‘Naach Meri Jaan’ and ‘Dance USA Dance’.

World Class Beauty Queens: What makes you stand out from all those other beautiful girls?

I believe that my confidence and clarity make me stand out from other girls. I am brave and I stand up for what I believe in. My clarity of my goals, dreams, and aspirations is one more thing that makes me shine, along with my hard work and determination to fulfill them.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about the moment your name was called out as the winner.

It was a magical moment! Tears of happiness pooled up in my eyes and I received my plaque and sash from honorable celebrities. Before I knew it, I was crowned, and I was thankful to every single person that brought me there. I wiped my tears as a huge smile surfaced on my face and I posed for the cameras!

World Class Beauty Queens: What does it mean to you to be a Beauty Queen?

To me, being a beauty queen is an opportunity for me to reach out to the community and spread the importance of positivity and be a role model for youth. To me, it is also an opportunity to learn more about myself and keep Indian culture alive in America.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did competing in pageants helped your life?

Pageants have gifted me lifelong friends that I know will stick with me all through ups and downs, giving me a support structure, I can rely on. I value this pageant family I know have, since they have taught me the importance of being a team player.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did pageants helped your self-esteem and body image?

Pageants helped me learn more about myself and made me work hard on improving all aspects of my personality. This made me feel more confident about myself and who I truly am.

World Class Beauty Queens: You are an inspiration to all the girls out there. How does it feel?

It feels great since I know that I have the platform to make an impact. I hope to use the incredible opportunities I receive to bring a change in this world, starting with helping the girls around me.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is your on-stage strategy to win the judges over?

My on-stage strategy is to be myself and enjoy every moment. The judges know when your smile is real vs. fake, so I radiate positivity and stay true to myself. That is what sticks with the judges.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did you prepare for your competition?

I made sure I knew all the rules and worked on all the rounds. For my talent (choreography and dance) I worked on endurance and stamina. Since I hadn’t ever walked in heels before pageantry, for my pageant walk, I had to give myself time to improve.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for learning better pageant walk?

Not everyone’s walk is the same, and my tip would be to find a walk that is comfortable for you, which has a pinch of confidence and a whole lot of grace and elegance.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for choosing right pageant dress?

For me personally, it was a long process finding the right gown, but once I saw it, I knew it was meant for me! It is very important to find one that you love, since that makes you love yourself the most on stage. Additionally, dresses should match your personality and shouldn’t overpower YOU, since at the end of the day, pageants are about you, and not your gown.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for winning interview?

In my Washington round, I know that my honesty during the interview round is what made me stand out. I was okay about my faults and the fact that I am perfectly imperfect, but still confident in myself.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is one mistake that you've done during competing you wish you could redo and fix it?

My entire pageant experience was great, and I don’t think there is anything I would want to change about it. Any mistakes I might have made only showed my ingenuity as I solved problems, and everything came together great at the end since I won the crown!

World Class Beauty Queens: What other mistakes are made by girls during the contest?

Many girls get nervous and I think that is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in a pageant since confidence is key in winning the crown and nervousness lowers self-confidence.

World Class Beauty Queens: Any modeling or acting experience?

Previously I have had on-stage acting experience. I have received many offers for the future, so I am excited to see how the opportunities blossom!

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your plans for 2020 as a Queen?

Ever since I won my title, I have become an ambassador for the Ravishing Women Organization which is also a 501c3 nonprofit. Through this, I have provided sanitation and economic opportunities for women in India, along with food for children in schools. This year I am leading a project to provide necessities for underprivileged students in India, and I will teach dance to the students through skype. I also hope to organize events locally to raise funds for nonprofits. Additionally, I am also going to prepare to represent America at the Worldwide Pageant in October 2020!

World Class Beauty Queens: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I want to be remembered as the queen who used what made her special to change the world, the queen who believed that you are never too young to make a difference. I hope to use this platform to advocate for causes and positivity and be remembered for my smile.

International Director: Dharmatma Saran

National Director: Dharmatma Saran

Your Local Director: Menka Soni

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview.

Sidhya Ganesh Miss Teen India USA 2019-2020, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine,

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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