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Samkelo Rudolph Ngomane Mr Mpumalanga 2020

Samkelo Rudolph Ngomane Mr Mpumalanga 2020, World Class Kings Magazine,
Samkelo Rudolph Ngomane Mr Mpumalanga 2020, World Class Kings Magazine, Photo by Gcina Media

World Class Kings Magazine would like to welcome amazing King Samkelo Rudolph Ngomane Mr Mpumalanga 2020.

Full name: Samkelo Rudolph Ngomane

Title/Year: Mr Mpumalanga 2020

Pageant System: semi-glitz for men

Age: 20

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Hobbies: fitness

Platform: ABM foundation

Likes: traveling, outdoor activities, sports

Dislikes: indoors, avocado

Status: single

World Class Kings Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

Born in the last week of the 90s, it was approximately at 21:00 at night when I was born… just 3 hours before Christmas , right there I already knew I was impatient but I still question my mothers’ resilience as well (ha-ha). My mother had me when she was 17, not to mention how destitute our family was but she was able to graduate high school and obtained a bursary to study in a higher institution – so much for ‘not having resilience’, she is a strong woman indeed. With her pursuing her studies my childhood was not as stable, moved from house to house amongst our family and my primary education was also as nomadic. As a kid I experienced a lot of loss, with my mother being absent in the early years of my childhood, I lost my grandmother right after my mother’s return, 6 at the time, the following year I lost my father. Growing up with loss I guess I had to toughen up and this made me the type of person I am today, a person who is independent, a person who knows that nothing is permanent and a person who seizes every chance he gets because I had to realize how short life is. Yes my primary education was nomadic but boy did I excel, I was always top of my class until high school I started experiencing difficulties, one would call it adolescence but I never really quite slacked off that much, it was a matter of consistency and maintaining a certain academic level. I graduated from high school in 2017 with stellar results, a grade average of 70% and a few distinctions not to mention I was voted most disciplined high school student. The following year I took a gap year doing a thorough self-introspection and figuring out what it is that I truly liked and was passionate about, I then decided to enroll for a bachelor of science degree in 2019 and that very year it was a breakthrough year for me because I found out more about myself and personal interests… a fitness enthusiast and fashionista so it was only fitting that I try my chances in the world of modelling – I applied for MR MPUMALANGA 2020 and the rest is history.

World Class Kings Magazine: Why did you chose to compete for your title?

A friend had been encouraging me to join pageants simply because he liked my character and my looks. After rejecting so many pageants he had tried to get me on, he finally suggested one that I felt was fitting and worth a shot. I applied for MR MPUMALANGA and made the cut.

World Class Kings Magazine: To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about?

MR MPUMALANGA is a provincial pageant in South Africa, it is more than just a pageant, and it is a foundation primarily focusing on grooming a boy child thus ensuring that he is afforded the same rights as females in society. This is to solemnly fill up a gap in society that has existed for the longest of time. If boys can be groomed to be responsible males in society and be true social-change agents then it is mission accomplished. This is achieved by the promotion of beauty, entertainment, character and education.

World Class Kings Magazine: What are you being judged on during the competition?

In the competition you get assessed on your social media presence, branding, fundraising community outreach and when on stage it is up to the judges to decide based on their criteria for example, walk, eye-contact and outfit suitability. In the end it goes down to the ability of answering questions.

World Class Kings Magazine: Which part of the competition was most fun for you?

I really enjoyed reaching out to my community and visiting the projects, identifying gaps and assisting where possible. Hence I had the most or rather highest community outreach.

World Class Kings Magazine: Which part of the competition was most challenging for you?

The most challenging part of the competition was getting enough votes from the public. And what was even harder was convincing the public to constantly keep on voting multiple times. This was a challenge because I come from a village where little is known about pageants and modelling in general.

World Class Kings Magazine: What inspired you to do your first pageant?

Surprisingly this was my first ever pageant, I had to be convinced by a friend to do pageants, a friend who was also a part of the competition. I was literally the underdog in the competition because I was simply clueless. Some may call it beginners luck, I would say its fate pursuing me.

World Class Kings Magazine: What are some of you achievements?

As far as achievements go I am not very well decorated however I was voted the Teachers’ Most Disciplined Student in high school, I got a certificate of Appreciation from a local orphanage for my philanthropic efforts while a finalist for MR MPUMALANGA. The rest are just academic certificates which tally up to about 30 throughout my academic years.

World Class Kings Magazine: Tell us about your platform or what charity you volunteer for?

I am currently affiliated to an orphanage called Uthando House which accommodates kids from ages 5-17 years of age. We try to motivate, inspire, teach, love and provide essentials. World Class Kings Magazine: What are some of the appearances that you've done?

I have done national radio interviews and covers for local magazines and newspapers, due to the pandemic Covid 19 I have not had as many.

World Class Kings Magazine: Tell us about your evening wear?

Dressed by Bride & Co/ Eurosuit. Outfit boosted my confidence.

World Class Kings Magazine: What makes you stand out from all those other guys?

What makes me standout is my level of intelligence, it can sweep people off their feet if they are not too cautious. I have a huge sense of honesty inside me, this is seen in the way I articulate myself when interacting with people. I am very confident, evidently shown in my walk and smile.

World Class Kings Magazine: How did it feel to hear your name as the winner?

I have never believed in God in the way that I did that evening – I could feel his presence and when my name was called my knees got weak and wept like a baby as I kneeled on the stage.

World Class Kings Magazine: What does the stole (sash) symbolizes to you?

The sash represents achievement to me and it personally feels like a cape – when I have it around me I feel like a superhero. I am automatically obligated to fulfill my duties.

World Class Kings Magazine: What does it mean to you to be a King?

To be a king it means I have to be an example to all the males in society, teach, inspire and motivate. Lay a foundation for future kings as well.

World Class Kings Magazine: Any Modelling, Film, acting or music experience you would like to share?

No modelling and acting experience prior to my crowning, however I would love to fancy my chances at acting in future.

World Class Kings Magazine: What are your plans for 2020 as a King?

My 2020 plans are to have a lot of impact in the lives of young boys and bring change in my town by promoting arts, fashion, beauty and education.

World Class Kings Magazine: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

To be socially recognized as a pioneer, leader, enthusiast and forever respectful gentleman even after my reign has ended. The Pageant is hosted by ABM Foundation Co directors Mr Billy Brown and Mr Admire Mohlala Thanks to our generous sponsors: Milviforce, African Bank, Ndalo Hotel Badplaas, Masana Swimwear, Eurosuit / Bride&co, Alindo International, Ncamzie Clothing and Zwikando Events

World Class Kings Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview.

Samkelo Rudolph Ngomane Mr Mpumalanga 2020, World Class Kings Magazine, Photo by Gcina Media

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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