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Olha Kersting

Model: Olha Kersting, World Class Models Magazine, Left Photo by Andriy Goncharenko, Center Photo by Ann Chekan, Right Photo by Andriy Goncharenko

World Class Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing Ukrainian model Olha Kersting.

Name: Olha Kersting. Native City: Lviv, Ukraine Citizenship: Ukrainian Age: 25 years old Eyes color: blue Height: 179 cm Languages that you speak: Ukrainian, Russian, English

World Class Models Magazine: Tell us about yourself. My name is Olha Kersting. I’m from a wonderful, romantic city called Lviv in the West of Ukraine. Since I was a child I always like to work, travel, discover new things and challenge myself. I never thought that I can be a model so I went to the university to follow one of my passion.

After I received my bachelor’s degree in Computer engineering I was offered to work as an international model. And my life got even more full filled.

My life is an adventure. I did parachute jumping on my 20th birthday, after I bungee jump off the Macau tower in China it is the highest tower in the world 223m/731.6 ft from the ground and the next year from the highest bridge in Ukraine.

My family always taught me to enjoy and appreciate big and small things around me and be thankful for the opportunities. Now I live in South America where I explore beautiful places and cultures. Can’t wait to see what future will bring me...

World Class Models Magazine: When did you decide to start modeling? In 2015 (when I was 20 years old) my booker found me in a café and offered me to become an international model. From that moment I started my professional journey to the world of fashion. World Class Models Magazine: Are you the first in your family who decided follow the fashion world? Yes, I am the first from my family who decided to work as a model without any experience before. Although my family looks like from the cover of a magazine and this is just surprising how my parents and my sister didn’t get there first, knowing that I’m the youngest one in the family :)

World Class Models Magazine: What was the first brand or designer that hired you? My first work was in the Lviv Fashion Week. After my first cat walk on the casting I was chosen to work with the local designer - Kateryna Karol. It was for truly an amazing experience. My heart was palpitating and I was very nervous, honestly I even hardly remember how I walk but it all turn for the best. I was very proud and happy for myself. It gave me a big energy charge for all my work in the future.

World Class Models Magazine: What runways have you modeled in? I have been involved in Lviv Fashion Week runways, Hong Kong Fashion Week runways, many in China and Europe. I worked for Mercedes Benz, Etro, Shana (Europe), Giorgio Armani (China), Brides magazine, HBX, The Oxygen, Metersbonwe (Hong Kong). I was on the many covers and face of Fashion week for many more brands.

World Class Models Magazine: What runways would you like to model next?

One of my dreams is to participate in Victoria’s Secret runway. This is just amazing how hard and passionate teams are working to make this show happens. I think it is amazing to be part of these brilliant and talented people. World Class Models Magazine: Who is your favorite fashion designer? My favorite designer is my beloved mom. I truly love all the high fashion designers. Each of them has story to tell and we are blessed that we can see their life, experience, passion in such beautiful pieces of art like clothes. It is a big honor to wear fashion clothes from any of the big brands like Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Versace, D&G, Dior, Valentino, Prada, etc.. World Class Models Magazine: What modeling has given you? Being model is joyful and exciting job. You can see so many different looks of yourself. It’s teaching you that beauty can look different, how to communicate with people from different cultures. It’s great opportunity to learn to love people and a great school for improving your skills beginning from languages skills and finishing your navigation skills lol. World Class Models Magazine: What advice would you give new models? I would say: “Never give up!”. Follow your dreams, try to make things happen. Be positive because remember when one door closes another one opens. And the last one don’t allow anyone to make you feel not beautiful. Every job needs certain look if this one not yours it doesn’t mean the next one will not. World Class Models Magazine: What do you prefer runway or campaigns? I do both and I like both. I consider it as a good experience and opportunities to learn more. I’m very active person, I like to help and communicate with people. World Class Models Magazine: Do you have any upcoming projects? Due to the Corona virus situation not at the moment. World Class Models Magazine: Tell us where we can find you? You can find me in Instagram: @olha_kersting World Class Models Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview and we wish you all the best! Interview by Maria Fernanda Capicci Editor in Chief of World Class Argentina Models Magazine, World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine.

Model: Olha Kersting, World Class Models Magazine, Photo by Andriy Goncharenko

Model: Olha Kersting, World Class Models Magazine, Photo by Ann Chekan

Model: Olha Kersting, World Class Models Magazine, Photo by Andriy Goncharenko

Model: Olha Kersting, World Class Models Magazine, Photo by Andriy Goncharenko

Model: Olha Kersting, World Class Models Magazine, Photo by Alexandra Tkachenko Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans iffocares.org

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