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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Argentinian Photographer Montu, World Class Photographers Magazine, Designer Iris Rodriguez Couture
Argentinian Photographer Montu, World Class Photographers Magazine, Designer Iris Rodriguez Couture

World Class Photographers Magazine would like to welcome amazing Argentinian photographer Montu.

World Class Photographers Magazine: Tell us how did you get started in photography? My passion for the photography start in 2005 when I met a fashion photographer in a party, until that moment it was new to me. I liked photography, but speaking with him woke up my curiosity of that world. He Invited me to his photography studio and when I saw my first photoshoot. I could feel new passion being born. Since then it kept growing.    World Class Photographers Magazine: Did you study photography or you are self taught? I didn't study photography, hahaha, I learned with practice, investigating, asking photographers and watching tutorials on the Internet. But that was just at the beginning when I was an amateur photographer. When I wanted to do it professionally I had to do lessons with photographers and institutes of photography in Buenos Aires Argentina.   World Class Photographers Magazine: When did you officially became professional photographer? I think when I started to work for Elite and Ford Models. Because in that moment I knew I was working as a professional fashion photographer.   World Class Photographers Magazine: In 2007 you worked for Editorial Luxury, what did you do there? For me it was a great opportunity to learn about everything in the fashion industry. They opened many doors for me to grown as a photographer. I took pictures in the most important catwalks of Argentina, I was in charge of all the photo shoots in the magazine with another photographer. Thanks to this I was able to met many famous people in Argentina. World Class Photographers Magazine: How was the experience working with International Models, Elite and Ford Models? It was amazing! Because for me it was a big change in my photography. I worked with a Russian photographer, he was unbelievable, I learned a lot with him. He was crazy, haha, but all the artists are, am I right? I grew up a lot working with him.  Working with Elite and Ford was hard. I had to learn a lot each day. I needed to prove that I could be a great photographer. World Class Photographers Magazine: Who influenced your work? I like a lot, Marcos Lopez, David LaChapelle, Sails Chong. World Class Photographers Magazine: How did your style evolve since you started with photography? My style has changed many times. First I did studio photography basics, when I got bored, I change from studio photography to more sexy style, boudoir and nudes, etc.  When I worked with magazines I needed to change my style to fashion photography. After I changed my style more artistic photography. I love to shoot artistic photography. Now I like to take all sorts of pictures, it depend on my current mood. .   World Class Photographers Magazine: What equipment do you currently use? My equipment now is: Nikon D810 Nikon D750 Nikon 24-70 mm 2.8 Nikon 70-200 mm 2.8 Lighting Bowens Gemini World Class Photographers Magazine: In 2009 you started working with ¨Fox Internacional", what did you do there? I had a very good friend working like a host in a Channel of Fox International, Utilisima. One day an executive producer needed a female model for a segment in one of the tv programs of Utilisima. So the producer asked my friend if he knew of anyone who works with models, and my friend recommended me and said "I have a friend that knows a lot of models, ask him". This was my first contact with Fox Intenational, in that moment I turned into a representative of models for Fox International for 3 years.  World Class Photographers Magazine: You've done some amazing editorials for magazines in Argentina. To mention some Gente, Caras, Para Ti, Cosmopolitan, Look, Para Teen, etc. But the wonderful moment was when number one Fashion Magazine in the world "VOGUE" Latin America called you.  How did you feel and how was the experience? The experience was amazing, because it felt like ultimate recognition for my hard work. The fashion industry is very difficult. I see many photographer, models, fashion designers, makeup artist, etc. fight to get recognition and success in fashion. But to attain it you need to sacrifice many things, never give up and keep on trying. Working with Vogue Latin America I saw how high fashion worked. That experience wake up my artistic senses and much more. I needed clarity trying to understand everybody on the team and to make a great photoshoot.  World Class Photographers Magazine: In 2011 you left Argentina to work with Media Producer in Mexico. What countries did you visit thanks to your work? Yes, thanks to work for Vogue, some Fashion Production Companies saw my work and I got work in other countries, like Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Canada, Spain, France, Italy and United Kingdom. World Class Photographers Magazine: We know you back to Argentina to work for one of the most important channel of our country "Canal 13" with the celebrity model Nicole Neumann, but now as television producer, how was that experience? To tell the truth, the experience was amazing because I discovered another passion. Just like with photography I didn't know I would love taking pictures. When I was in charge of this project I could see another artistic part of me. This was a big project, I was scared, I was thinking, can I do this? But I decided to keep going and overcome fears, I did it. I made many contacts and this helped me grown more. World Class Photographers Magazine: Now you live in London England, tell us what are you doing there? I always thought that if I want to grow, I must never to stop. So I came to London because I need to mature in my job. Now I'm working with fashion designers, models, brands, etc.  And I have a new Project, I am going to put a magazine here in London, it's an ambitious project but I am very happy with this new challenge. World Class Photographers Magazine: Tell us where can we find your work. Instagram: @montuph Facebook fan page: Montu Fashion Photography Facebook profile: Montu PH Web Page: World Class Photographers Magazine would like to say thank you to Montu for this wonderful Interview. We wish him all the best. Interview by Maria Fernanda Capicci Editor in Chief of World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine.

Argentinian Photographer Montu, World Class Photographers Magazine, Designer Iris Rodriguez Couture, Make up Paula Clark, Hairstyle Dar Barot, Jewerly Alexandra Miciul, Top Model Angelina Kali Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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