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Magdalena Kucharska

Magdalena Kucharska, World Class Models Magazine
Magdalena Kucharska, World Class Models Magazine, Photographer: Artur Kos Make up&stylization: Magdalena Kucharska

World Class Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing Model Magdalena Kucharska .

Name: Magdalena Kucharska

Height: 5'10

Eye Color: green

Hair Color: dark blonde

Bust (in inches): 34

Waist: 23

Hips: 34

Shoe size: 9

Age: "Forever 17"

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Hobbies: Reading

Years modeling: 8

Countries visited: US, DO, Haiti, Sint Marteen, UK, France, Spain, Italy, HR, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, CZ, PL, Sl, MKD, TR, Israel, UAE, CN, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, PHL

Likes: medical books, Jacuzzi, Solfeggio Frequncies, Cappuccino with cinnamon, navy blue roses

Dislikes: anger, stupidity, manipulation, jealousy, boredom

Status: grateful for everything and fulfilled with hope and happiness :)

World Class Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

I'm 1st year student at Juris Doctor Program at American International School of Law(state bar exam in Los Angeles). I'm taking medical courses at Harvard Medical School: HMX included genetics, immunology, physiology and pharmacology basic; FDA and prescription drugs and bioethics in genetics. Medicine, philosophy and law- those 3 are my greatest friends.

World Class Models Magazine: Please tell us about your modeling experience.

I’m 1st Runner Up of The Most Beautiful Girl in the World- beauty pageant in UAE. I have tittle Miss Best Swimsuit- competition in South Korea. I was part of Top 10 Miss Multiverse- Dominican Republic. I was representing United States of America during final of Miss World Beauty and Talent. Thanks to fashion industry I had amazing opportunity to spent half year in Paris and live for a while in cities like Singapore, Tel Aviv and London.

World Class Models Magazine: How were you discovered?

I was 11, it was in the shopping mall. But I was kid of theater, I wanted be actress not model. I did some professional shooting but I was too busy with acting and school. My ambition was so hungry and I was always a “A pupil”. My favorite spectacle was inspired by Charles Baudelaire book “Les Fleurs du Mal”. I was playing the main character and I was the youngest actor in the team. Appetite for modeling came few years later.

World Class Models Magazine: What made you decide to become a model?

It wasn't mine decision. Thanks Heaven for that body. It was The Greatest Architect conception to create me like that. Since I didn't make any plastic surgery only I can say is thanks Dear God!

World Class Models Magazine: What is your favorite style of modeling and why?

Definitely 90smodelsstyle. I m in love with natural faces with soft makeup and seductive charm. I think the modeling world get lost with promoting Botox, plastic surgeries and extensions .

World Class Models Magazine: Who's your mother agency and why did you choose them. Or why do you freelance?

I'm freelancer. I have few international managers that I m cooperating with. I think having manager is much better choice than having agency. And I’m lucky one because I have few people responsible for boosting my career.

World Class Models Magazine: Which designers did had a chance to model for?

Gucci, Dolce Gabbana, Givenchy- photo shootings in Dubai. When my phone get off I went to Givenchy store and asked “sorry is it possible if I will borrow your phone charger for a while?” They laughed and offered me a job as a model. I did a shooting with the newest collection. Team was super nice so I was coming back for cappuccino and till today I use their store as my favorite spot for phone charging.

World Class Models Magazine: Which designer was your favorite and why?

Definitely my mommy. Now we are working together on launching our own silk dresses collection. It will be something classy and very feminine. So follow my Instagram updates.

World Class Models Magazine: Which major fashion shows have you modeled in?

International Fashion Week Dubai, Paris Fashion Week, fashion shows during Miss Earth. I really like fashion shows of Mona al Mansouri. In her fabulous dresses I feel like real Princess.

World Class Models Magazine: Which fashion show was your favorite and why?

I like unique experiences. Something that can give me adrenaline. During Miss Earth in Philippines we did probably the most crazy fashion show ever. We were presenting casual stylizations in the sky- during Sky riding on Eden Island with a lot media and hundreds of security. Water pillow launch acrobatics show in bikini in Punta Cana was also fun. And on the third place I will put walking with high heels on the beach during Top Model TV show.

World Class Models Magazine: What is your biggest success as a model so far?

Staying humble and learning. I m proud of myself that I have huge desire for educating myself while most models are just focused on body beauty. Intelligence is sexy. And knowledge is giving You confidence so You are not longer available for manipulations. You can stay in steady state during every storm. You just know Your real value even if haters will throw stones on You- You will just smile and wish them all the best. Because You know You are unbreakable.

World Class Models Magazine: What is your secret to scoring runway jobs?

You have to follow 3 golden rules: very good measurements, fluently English and being flexible. My personal advice is always go for casting with good mood, jokes always helps.

World Class Models Magazine: Tell us about your upcoming fashion shows.

I’m negotiating some contract in USA: NYC and LA. For now I will keep it secret. And if I will make it will tell about it in next interview. Its always better to talk about effects of your efforts rather than talk about plans. All it’s just destiny so we will see what will happen.

World Class Models Magazine: Tell us about some of your favorite photoshoots.

In this article You can see photoshoots with red material made by my polish photographer Artur Kos.I like the way he plays with The Light and Darkness. The life is like a portrait, pick the right strategy… Red is my favorite color it’s a symbol of passion, power and fire. You can see also portrait of laughing Magdalena made by Malgosia Sokol. One of my favorite jokes is: don’t sue the Vogue if You are not happy- meditate! This picture is my private protest: artist don’t have to be sad. Being happy is always good decision.

World Class Models Magazine: What is your secret to finding the right photographers to work with and why?

Hang out with people, travel, party, make friends around the world, use social media and be positive. Right people will find You.

World Class Models Magazine: How do you prepare for a photoshoot?

I keep my body in shape by doing yoga and apply coconut oil everyday. In the morning right before photo shooting I'm drinking big bottle of water with lemon. Hydration is the key.

World Class Models Magazine: Tell us about your publishing success so for.

Vogue Italia and biggest pageant magazines.

World Class Models Magazine: Any modeling tips for up and coming models?

Always know Your value and never agree for disrespectful treatment. Take care about life balance and harmony. Avoid toxic substances and toxic people. Be pretty soul. It will reflect in Your picture. Your self love, Your inner peace we can see it in Your eyes.

World Class Models Magazine: Any video commercial or film experience?

Short episode in “The Model” movie. I got 2 propositions playing of main character so maybe it’s the time to go back to my kids dreams about acting. Obviously if I will find time for it. Education first.

World Class Models Magazine: Do you volunteer for any cause?

Yes I m part of Anti Drugs Association. I’m drugs enemy. And my private funny motto is Angels loves mandarins not cocaine. I don’t think that using drugs or drinking too much can make You look good in somebody’s eyes so why people doing this? If You feel hurt meditate, pray, do exercises but don’t hurt yourself more mentally and physically by using unhealthy things.

World Class Models Magazine: What is your personal fashion style?

Sophisticated combination of softness and strong accents. I like mixing. I m the person who likes connection of burgundy with gray color. I like vanilla color it’s very feminine. I’m absolutely crazy about 100% silk. I’m on the way to create my personalized material with my own logo and register it in Copy Right Congress. I share my time between education, modeling and preparing business idea. I simply don’t have time for thinking too much what to wear. So that’s why I want create my clothes collection with 10 clothes. Just to save the time. You can open luggage or LV famous bag and see only 5 designs for business and only 5 for events. Life gets much more easier. More time for smarter things than thinking about clothes for hours every day…

World Class Models Magazine: What is your secret to success.

Determination. It's about combination of luck and very hard work. Its polishing the diamond sometimes by pain and bad experience. I think it's about mentality. Winners didn't lose hope.

World Class Models Magazine: What would you like to accomplish as a model in 2020.

Moving to Los Angeles and chasing a dream.

World Class Models Magazine: What would be your ultimate modeling dream job?

Vogue cover. And Forbes cover. I want do both.

World Class Models Magazine: What is your overall modeling goal?

Successful company and happy family. I want be role businesswomen and happy mommy in the same time. I love kids very much and definitely want to have children in the future.

World Class Models Magazine: What legacy as a model would you like to leave behind?

Self acceptance, happiness and being proud of yourself are much more important model’s friends than the best hairstylist, great makeup artist and Photoshop.

World Class Models Magazine: Where can we learn more about your work?

Facebook, Instagram and soon website with my dream project “”

World Class Models Magazine: How can someone hire you for modeling jobs?

Simply sent me a message with details of the project via Instagram: @missmagdalena_k

Thanks. Sending all of You warm greetings and wish You a lot of blessing during every wonderful day. Life is a miracle and it’s up to You to win or lose the game. In my opinion rules are very simple: love yourself and love people around You. Be grateful and smile no matter what. Your heart will guide You. We are here to be happy. World Class Models Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview.

Magdalena Kucharska, World Class Models Magazine, Photographer: Artur Kos Make up&stylization: Magdalena Kucharska Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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