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Luca Maximilian Steinmetz

Luca Maximilian Steinmetz, World Class German Models Magazine, Photo by Phil Hung Nguyen

World Class German Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing Model Luca Maximilian Steinmetz.

Full name: Luca Maximilian Steinmetz Native City: Stettbach Citizenship: German Age: 28 Eyes colour: Blue/Grey Height: 185 Languages that you speak: German, English World Class German Models Magazine: Tell us about yourself. I was born and raised in Stettbach, a small village with 150 inhabitants close to Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I grew up as a “country boy” but now I enjoy living in the big cities. I studied Media Sports and Event Management in Hamburg which is my favorite town so far. My Hobbies are travelling, motorcycling, reading, sports, meditation, especially snowboarding and of course being with friends and family. I am pro animal and pro human. I am good interpersonal, well communication, sharing thoughts and emotions and adapt well with change. World Class German Models Magazine: When did you decide to be model? At 17 years of age, I was an exchange student in Great Britain. I lived there for one year and used to go to gym with my best friend Tengel from Norway, who had always encouraged me to become a model. At the time in London, people around me had always talking about super model, David Gandy, who I´m really admire and from that moment I deceided to become a model. As soon as I came back to Germany, I created a profile on a fashion website for freelancers and was discovered few days later by my manager and friend Phil. Phil built me up as a model and sent me to work in Asia. Especially in Vietnam I have gained many experiences in commercials, campaigns, lookbooks and many editorials. Six months later, I was sent back to Germany and found an agency in Hamburg. This is how it all started. World Class German Models Magazine: Are you the first  in your family who decided follow the fashion world? Yes, I am the first in my family, who decided to join the fashion world. This is my ambition and I don´t have a fashion past. World Class German Models Magazine: What was the first brand or designer that hired you? The very first designer I worked with was Quadrigae Zeus, the luxury sport and bodywear from Sweden, then the Seahorse Underwear brand in Vietnam. It was a great experience because Vietnam is a beautiful country with many unique and exotic commercials. Additionally, Vietnamese people are very friendly to work with. World Class German Models Magazine: In which runway have you been involved? In the past few years, I have been involved in the following runways:— Milan Fashion Week, SS 2015 – Dolce & Gabbana, also Vietnam International Fashion Week in Saigon 2014 World Class German Models Magazine: What runway in the world would you like to be participate? Philipp Plein, is my favorite world designer because his shows are spectacular. As Event Manager I know that he doesn’t shy away from the costs in order to provide great entertainment. World Class German Models Magazine: Who is your favorite fashion designer? In Milan, for the first time, I was very fortunate to be selected to work with Dolce & Gabbana Runway, which is described by fans as: Classy, In-demand, Stylish, Good quality and Unique. It´s also my favorite fashion designer. World Class German Models Magazine: What has given and give you the career as a model in your life? To be a model, which gives me chances to travel to many countries to meet, make new friends, open mind and learn so many different cultures. World Class German Models Magazine: What is the main advice you would give to guys who want to join modeling fashion world? Be yourself and be confident!   World Class German Models Magazine: What do you prefer walk in runway or work in campaigns? I can’t decide to be honest. I love the excitement of walking in runway and I love campaign pictures as a result of great art. I think both are very good. With runway I can quickly reach large audiences. And I can make good earning with a campaign. World Class German Models Magazine: Do you have any upcoming projects? Me and my partners Phil and Timo are about to establish a new model agency with preference to the south east Asian market called Come On Model. It’s a big one but we are willing to succeed, it is going to be great. World Class German Models Magazine: Tell us where we can find you? I can be found on: — Facebook – Luca Maximilian Kaktus — LinkedIN – Luca Steinmetz — Website – www.comeon-model.com Interview by Maria Fernanda Capicci Editor in Chief of World Class German Models Magazine World Class German Models Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview.

Luca Maximilian Steinmetz, World Class German Models Magazine, Photo by Phil Hung Nguyen

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