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Kiki Wang

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Designer: Kiki Wang, World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine , Left and Right Photo by Mr Poblete Emilio, EPPhotografia
Designer: Kiki Wang, World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine , Left and Right Photo by Mr Poblete Emilio, EPPhotografia

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine would like to welcome amazing Hollywood designer Kiki Wang.

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: When did you begin your passion for the fashion industry? I consider myself a natural born fashion designer. I made the first clothes for my baby doll when I was just 6 years old. I started drawing very early. At age of 8, I was really into drawing fashionable Chinese ancient women which I saw from movies and books, I drew different kinds of ancient women and put on different clothes and accessories for each of them. My drawings became so popular among the kids and some of them started collecting my drawings, I think that time was where I started my passion about design. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: When did you officially start your career as a fashion designer? I officially started my fashion career around 2015. As an MBA and finance graduate, I used to work as a territory manager for a fortune 500 company. I always wanted to do something in fashion, but it is hard to even get a job in fashion industry if you do not have a fashion background. So without any formal training in fashion industry, I started my own fashion company and started to design dresses for Hollywood movie stars. I am very fortunate that I started my fashion career right on the Hollywood red carpet. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: Tell us about your brand. Kiki Wang is an American fashion brand. I am the creative director of Kiki Wang brand. I am mainly known for my red-carpet designs. I have dressed movie stars from all around the world. Such as Oscar winning teams, royal princess, Broadway singers, News anchors, supermodels etc. My goal is to make people in my dresses to stand out. Classic yet unexpected, Mix and Match, Bold and different are my interpretation about fashion. From time to time, I like to take a risk and be a fashion warrior. I was told many times by my clients that they feel beautiful inside out after they put on my dresses. Often, I saw their tears after they put on my designs because they feel so beautiful. This is what I really focused on; I like to create something that will bring the best out of that person instead of just another beautiful dress. I really design with people in mind instead of just the design itself. I like to use my designs to help people to rediscover themselves and feel more confident and powerful. I like to say, clothes are the easiest way to bring up a person’s confidence and I am so lucky that I can fulfill that part. Recently I created another line called “Red Universe” to bring high fashion to ordinary people, to make runway clothes real way. I think our job as a fashion designer is to create art works and use them to make ordinary people shine in their daily lives. I even created a red collection “taiduhongpin” to full fill that purpose. Since red means good luck and good fortune in Chinese culture, and I wanted to use red design to bring happiness, good luck to people who wears our brand. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: When and where was your first collection presented? I presented my first fashion show in 2016,in a big private event in Beijing, It is my first time doing a fashion show, I was fairly new to this industry and had little knowledge of how to arrange everything. I basically started everything from scratch, the models, the runway, the lights, the location, the music and the presentation. I was the producer, director, and designer all in one. I remember I had to call a musician friend about the music edit since I need three different type of music for my three different themes, That was a really good adventure and I am so glad that I did it and accomplished it. It turned out to be a very successful show and it set a good foundation for my future fashion shows around the globe. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: How has your first collection been titled? My first fashion show was titled “Time Travel With Fashion”, I presented three chapters, the past, the present and the future. With that being said, I created three different collections, the first collection was ancient Chinese clothes, represented history, the second collection was the main part, it talked about contemporary fashion, represented today’s fashion ,the third collection was a capsule with future concept which showed my imagination about the future of fashion. It is one of my dreams to be able to connect the history with fashion and inspire fashion through history. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: What fabrics have you used for it? I use mainly silk and other natural fabrics for my creations. I love natural fabrics; I think they are very healthy and represent high standard. A good quality of fabric will make you feel important and confident. I also like to try new inventions such as high-tech fabrics. I love to mix and match and create something unexpected. We are so lucky that we live in a time that technology grows so fast. There are more environmentally friendly fabrics being created every day, that is what we like to explore for the future creations. I also refuse to use any leather fabrics in my collections to help with the environment. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: What Fashion Weeks you had a chance to present your designs so far? I have presented my shows in many famous fashion capitals in the world, such as Paris, Los Angeles, Dubai, Cannes, Macau, Hollywood, New York etc. I also had movie stars wear my designs appeared on the Oscars, Golden globe, BET awards, MTV awards, Cannes film festival, Dubai international film festival. Chinese Jinji&Baihua Movie festivals, Russian Grammys, South Korean movie festivals and many more fashion platforms. I am so happy to be able to express my love toward this beautiful world through my fashion creations. I also very appreciated that so many beautiful people believe in me and enjoy my work around the world. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: What celebrities have do you dressed so far? And what celebrities would you like to dress next? I have dressed celebrities from many countries. Hollywood movie stars from Oscar winning movies such as “Black Panther ”, “Blackkelesman” , Chinese Jinji&Baihua film awards best actress winner and movie stars , worldwide Award winning singers, Marvel Studio’s New Miss Marvel Face Farrah, Miss Universe , big Instagram’s influencers and more. I am also very honored to dress Princess Antonio and Prince Mario Max from Germany. Once in Cannes, celebrities from over 10 countries wore my designs and walked on that most prestigious red carpet on earth. There are many celebrities I would love to dress in the future, If I have to pick, I would like to dress Rihanna and Myer Musk , for Rihanna, I think she really has that edgy, cool ,unique personality that will match what I like to express through my design. For Maye Musk, I just love her energy and attitude toward life, she represents good qualities such as positive attitude, passion about life and self-esteems, these are also the qualities and energy that I like to emphasize in my fashion. One of my goal is to inspire each other through fashion. I think she is the best role model for women around the globe. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: Who is your favorite designer, your inspiration? Coco Chanel is my all time favorite designer, not just because she built a top fashion brand in the world, also because she was a pioneer in fashion world, she broke the rule of fashion and created something extraordinary and brought a fashion revolution for women. I think that is rally big. I believe that fashion must be practical. Beautiful and functional should always be the best friends. Another fashion icon I look up to is Vera Wang. She has that kind of courage to challenge the authority, she would not settle for less. She could not find a right wedding dress, so she stared her own wedding dress line! She has a very good business sense and brought her then one small wedding boutique to a billion dollar empire today! Also, She took good care of herself and kept herself in good shape as well as positive spirit at age over 70. I think she is very inspirational. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: How do you see yourself in 10 years? I am sure I will be in a very positive position with all my dreams come true. Yes, we all do! I will continue design and bring more and better fashion to this world, I also will contribute more of my time teaching younger generations. I think share what I know and help others grow is very important and valuable to this world. By the end of the day, it is not about how much your make, it is about how much you contribute. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview. Interview by Maria Fernanda Capicci Editor in Chief of World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine. Photo by James T. Blankemeier

Designer: Kiki Wang, World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine, Photo by James T. Blankemeier

Designer: Kiki Wang, World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine, Photo by Mr Poblete Emilio, EPPhotografia

Designer: Kiki Wang, World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine

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