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Kaanchan S Farkiya Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021 - A Fairytale Experience at the Parade.

Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021 Kaanchan S Farkiya - A Fairytale Experience at the Parade, Photo by Samuel Acosta
Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021 Kaanchan S Farkiya - A Fairytale Experience at the Parade, Photo by Samuel Acosta

Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021 Kaanchan S Farkiya - A Fairytale Experience at the Parade.

Any day of a parade is associated with the community and is widely appreciated in our nation. Whether it’s a spirit of the Fourth with children or appreciation from people of all age groups in a community parade, it was so much fun! Here is my experience of some of the parades I celebrated with the community members and the public.

It was a parade day! I could just feel the cheerfulness in the air. Residents people were patiently waiting on their chairs while kids were playing around their caretakers. It was a dream-like feeling while celebrating to foster true patriotism and appreciation of our American heritage. I was so happy to see people of all age groups enjoying the sunny outdoors! Service members and first responders had been honored in a remembrance ceremony in Coronado where crowds lined the main road for the “Honoring Our Community Heroes” Parade and I am so grateful to be part of the parade! Thanks to my mentor and pageant director Derek Tokarzewski that I was able to represent Miss WorldClass among an uncountable number of people in person and watching people with families after a long time was so much satisfying. Thank you to all community members and representatives for all your appreciation.

It was the busy street where the parade was being held. There were traffic control signs on the road for the parade and security and authorities were full on their duties. Once I enter the parade destination, I could see everyone doing their duties at the start of a fantastic parade. I could see the flags stroll by along with the winds. The excitement of the annual town parade was at its peak and it pervades everyone’s senses. I got a special VIP designation at the parade for which I am very grateful. As the red, white and blue colors symbolized patriotism, my white convertible car was the best suited for the parade and it represents peace, purity, and innocence. All parade participants were decorating their floats, and groups were rehearsing their last-minute performances. My team was also decorating the car with patriotic garlands, flags, flowers, and banners.

The parade started on time and as my car started to enter the parade, people of all ages started waving at me. Many commented to start saying hello, you are beautiful! Some also focused on the banner and reading the text! Many people congratulated me and cheered for me after reading my sash title. Kids were treating me, like a princess, while others were surprised to call me Miss WorldClass Ms. USA. People begin creeping closer to the edge of the curb ready to click my pictures and it was a mesmerizing moment for me. People on both sides of the road were enjoying their time with their family and friends. All the people start waving frantically at the passing groups, car rides, and floats, which were coming in their direction. Even people from the residential buildings started waving at me.

As I was glancing through the crowd, I saw some little children sprawled out on their multi-colored stuffed toys with their parents in their own comfort lawn chairs, anticipating all the floats to pass by. It was so impressive and full of excitement with the multitude of high school bands deafeningly on their way with the huge drum major perspiring under the intense heat during the early noon. I also enjoyed the synchronous color guards, girls scout, and boys scout performances. As groups performed on the street their fellows, family, and friends screeched " Go Team" at the spirited cheerleaders.

All the beautifully decorated floats were so amazing to watch their creation and preparation. I also spotted a few of my friends waving at me with their family members and snapping pictures left and right of both sides of the car. Many people were holding glittering patriotic signs and flags.

There were some vintage cars coming along that were so eye-catching. Then, the enormous red and white fire trucks came wailing right behind the color guard troop, everyone enjoyed the courageous firefighters. Later, I could hear the cheerleaders of a sports academy with their uniformed sparkling outfits. Next was the group of the regal horses and Rodeo USA. Along with the many small businesses in the community walked in the parade. I loved seeing the face painting of the flag among the spectaculars during the parade.

As we were all departing our perfect locations, there were multiple booths announcing the parade participant’s information. During my announcement, people applaud cheerfully and I could hear compliments and congratulations sounds from the crowd. Many videographers and cameramen followed me and captured this amazing moment of my life. TV channels such as CBS8, KBPS, USA News chant, and San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper also covered my special appearance news in the parade. Thank you and many local newspapers from India for including the parade news!

To wrap up the everlasting parade was full of joy and patriotism. All hard work was worth it. I had a wonderful experience representing the Miss WorldClass pageant at the 4th of July parade. At the end of the parade, I was not tired but filled with joy and glee due to the fairytale-like experience. I had an amazing experience with all the community members and the superb people, floats, and appreciation I had witnessed in the parade. All of the community parades were so close to my heart and the feeling around the community was full of patriotism, love, and compassion. My feelings for the parade were precious and people’s appreciation for them was priceless. World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing write up! Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine.

Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021 Kaanchan S Farkiya - A Fairytale Experience at the Parade, Photo by Samuel Acosta Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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