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Gaby Guha, World Class London Models Magazine, Photographer - Marius Bukis MUA - Giedre Nedzveckiene Hair stylist - Emile Skrebyte

World Class London Models Magazine would like to welcome beautiful model Gaby Guha.

Name: Gaby Guha Years modeling: 4 years Age: 21 Height: 174cm Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Brown Bust: 85cm Waist: 60cm Hips: 88cm Shoe size: 38 Zodiac sign: Libra Hobbies: Fashion influencer, Modeling, broadcaster Countries visited: Europe - Asia - Middle East Likes: Social media, Vegetarians food, Sport, Coffee, Netflix addict, Beauty Products & Fashion Clothes Dislikes: Violence, bullying, meat. Status: Model & public figure World Class London Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself. My name is Gaby GUHA, I’m an international model from France. I have started my modeling career around 17yo and become an international model at the age of 18yo. Since I have traveled a lot in different countries between Asia, Europe and Middle East, and I have been lucky to work for brands as Saint Algue, Jean Louis David, Chaumet, Triumph Lingerie, Bossini, Jennifer France, Anaca3, GAP, Amazon, etc.. and magazines. Since 2018 my career evaluate a lot because of Social Media. I become a fashion influencer and broadcaster beside modeling. I’m actually sharing daily my fashion lifestyle in lives with my community. World Class London Models Magazine:  Please tell us about your modeling experience. I have been doing modeling for many year now and I travels on different with agency contracts between Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA. Worked for brands, fashion designers, Runways, Publicity, TV or social media jobs. Modeling as changed my lifestyle since I started it and I don’t regret it. It’s a unique experience. World Class London Models Magazine: How were you discovered? I get signed up in my hometown, than the manager of the agency VIP Models asked me to move to paris. After one year of development, I started my international contracts on the Asian Market. Since I have got different agencies contract around the world (Nicole Shelley Models, DMA models, BMA models, Bareface models etc..). Finally in 2019, I get scouted on Instagram by my actual agent. World Class London Models Magazine: What made you decide to become a model? I wanted changes, travel the world and discover what I never had the chance to do. My parents don’t have so much money when I was young so I wanted to live a different lifestyle, being independent and have an artistic career. Fashion helped me to build my life and grow faster. World Class London Models Magazine:  What is your favorite style of modeling? I love editorials and magazines shoot a lot because it’s the most creative jobs in fashion. I give a lot of investment on every shoot it’s what’s make the cover worth it. World Class London Models Magazine:  Which designers did had a chance to model for? I had the chance to work for Ziad Nakad, Chaumet, GAP, Bossini, Ingie Paris, Patrick Pham, Kushi, Param Sahib, Shiori, Papa Don’t Preach By Shubhika... I have attend the Paris Fashion week, Indian Fashion week and worked for Arabic Fashion Designers. World Class London Models Magazine: Which designer was your favorite and why? I have a good experience of most of my jobs, they are all unique and special to me. I try to do my best on every jobs. World Class London Models Magazine: Which fashion shows have you modeled in? I have been a showroom model, and I been working for the Paris Fashion week, Salon Première Version, Jean Louis David show, Indian Fashion Award, Lakmé Fashion week, diverse Lingerie Fashion shows (Triumph Lingerie, The lingerie Shop..), Fashion TV Asia shows, Bangkok Fashion Week, Pattaya Fashion Week, I have done shows on Beauty Pageant as well (Miss Supermodel Worldwide & Miss Europe Continental).And I can’t wait for the next season to start in Europe. World Class London Models Magazine: Which fashion show was your favorite and why? Jean Louis David show for me was the most special show because they change my hair style on stage from long hair to short bob cut in from of Mister Franck Provost. My short hair look has really changed my career this season, I had more jobs and opportunities. World Class London Models Magazine:  What is your biggest success as a model so far? I’m happy to be a model signed Worldwide (Europe - Asia - Middle East - USA), being cover girl and working for multiple fashion brands. I’m grateful to being a pageant girl as well and being able to represent my country on stage. I’m also satisfied to see how social medias changed my career. World Class London Models Magazine: Tell us who's your mother agency and why did you choose them? My actual mother agent is Elena from Model Scouting Bureau. It’s an international mother agency based in Milan. They are really efficient, trustworthy and believe in their models.She scouted me on Instagram. World Class London Models Magazine: Tell us about your upcoming fashion shows. I have events during the London Fashion Week. I’m also booked for this Paris Fashion Week. It’s really convenient to travel between the two cities as it’s really close by. You can follow it during my broadcast on Fashion Week time. World Class London Models Magazine:  What major companies have you worked with in the past? I have done E-commerce for Amazon, Pernia Pop Up Store, Alibaba Group. It’s a lot of hours of work to take pictures of every sample, accessories, Looks. Depending of the client it’s can be between 80-100 looks. Every articles has 3-5 pictures with similar pausing. World Class London Models Magazine: Any video commercial or film experience? I have done apparence in Fashion TV in France for M6, Canal +, and I have been presenter for Amazon in Paris in 2019. I have also done appearance for Fashion TV Asia. I’m usually spontaneous on social media and got a lot of questions from my followers it’s why recently my agent from BMA Models (London) got me a broadcaster contract. I’m actually broadcasting daily about Fashion, Health, Lifestyle or just basic moments of my life. World Class London Models Magazine: Do you volunteer for any cause? I’m really involved in Non-bullying. Bullying can give big consequences on our life specially for children or teenagers and in extreme case can cause suicide or mental illness. I honestly think I would never be a model, part of the fashion industry or did my accomplishments if I didn’t get so badly bellying during my childhood.I finally understand I can raise my voice to help people in this situation. I usually try to help, assist and advise people in this situation on social media, pageant or on my broadcast. World Class London Models Magazine: What is your personal fashion style? I think I’m a fashion addict. I’m tendance, sophisticated and sexy. I change my style all the time, by mixing vintage piece with high-end labels. I can wear designers clothes & fast fashion brands together, it’s not an issue for me.I have a penchant for Shoes and Bags, specially limited vintage designers bags. World Class London Models Magazine: What would you like to accomplish as a model in 2019. As Model in 2019 I would like expend my career more on the European market. I feel it’s time for me to do that, Because I have started my career on an Asian Market. I would like more work as well on my social media presence, specially since I’m a fashion broadcaster. It’s important for me to share daily content on social media. World Class London Models Magazine: What would be your ultimate modeling dream job? I would like to do a billboard soon, it’s hard to get but It’s a good work opportunity. Otherwise I don’t have dreams, more goals I achieve by hard working and persistence. World Class London Models Magazine: What is your modeling goal? I would like one day launch my own brand, and be the face of it. I always have been really creative and hard working. So keep you posted guys. World Class London Models Magazine: What legacy as a model would you like to leave behind? I would like to give faith to the other young girls who dream about becoming model or having an international career. It’s not always easy but our generation has a big variety of beauty standards and fashion jobs now. The Fashion industry is always full of surprises. World Class London Models Magazine: Where can we learn more about your work? You can learn more about my work my official website : http://www.gabyguha.com/ Instagram : @gabyguha (https://www.instagram.com/gabyguha/?hl=en) Official Facebook Page : Gaby Guha (https://www.facebook.com/gabyguha.officiel/) Or online through my past magazine articles. World Class London Models Magazine would like to thank for this wonderful interview.

Gaby Guha, World Class London Models Magazine, Photographer - Marius Bukis MUA - Giedre Nedzveckiene Hair stylist - Emile Skrebyte

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans iffocares.org

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