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Darlene Quinn Ms. International 2021

Darlene Quinn Ms. International 2021, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine,
Darlene Quinn Ms. International 2021, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Stage Photos by Daniel Pham Photography White Dress Photo by Michael Franco,

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Darlene Quinn Ms. International 2021.

Full name: Darlene Quinn

Title/Year: Ms. International (R) 2021

Pageant System: Ms. International (R) - (Under the Ms. America Pageant (R) )

Age: 53

Education Level: Business Marketing degree from Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA.

Zodiac sign: Libra

Hobbies: Gallery featured ceramic artist, community service advocate since 1980, model, philanthropist, business development specialist, as well as having a passion for: cooking, travel, fashion and fine arts

Platform: Bringing hope and healing to Breast Cancer victims. Official Ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (only 50 in the US)

Years competed: 2018 and 2021

Countries visited: Malaysia, Borneo, Mexico, and across the US

Likes: Assisting those in need, with my huge heart and missionary soul.

Dislikes: Crime!

Status: Executive Vice President, Business Development for a Technology Company

World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us about yourself.

My greatest joy in life is my family! Raising our two children has brought such elation to my heart. Our two Maltese doggies are also a source of smiles in my life. A huge aspect of my life is the level my soul is called to community. I calendar approximately 950 hours each year in mission work. With a huge passion for fine arts, I have been involved in creating art since 1984. Today, I am a gallery featured and well versed ceramic and wheel pottery artist. My art is sold boutique level and showcased at art festivals. I have a drive to keep arts in the classroom. With a goal to bring Art Therapy to those in need, I have spent 4 years volunteer teaching ceramic arts to handicapped and learning disables teenagers. My efforts in this regard also ignited fundraising so that the local High School could have a handicap access pottery wheel. Coming true, now disabled teenagers, even in a wheel chair, can have the joy of throwing hand created pottery on the wheel.

World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us about your education.

Growing up, I went to Private Religious based schools. My start in collegiate studies was at the Academy of Art University for Graphic Design and Advertising studies. From there, I earned a Business Degree from Pepperdine University. Combined, these areas of curriculum have served my professional life well in the areas of Branding, Marketing and Business Development.

World Class Beauty Queens: What does women Empowerment means to you?

Empowerment is exhibited in encouragement of others around us to shine. Each person has a background and individual journey that has brought them to where they are today. Empowerment is initiated when we encourage people to accept themselves for who we are, celebrate their individual journey in life, and become the best version of themselves. When you lift up others, proudly stand up for those around us, they are inspired to do the same by encourage others to be their best possible self, seek out new possibilities in life, inspiring, and setting a good example. The ripple effect of empowerment of those around us is tremendous as it naturally grows to fulfill the bigger picture of societal empowerment.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your pageant history.

At the age of 50, I entered my first pageant, Classic International Woman in 2018, and was crowned and titled Classic International Woman that year. Then this year at 53, I entered my second pageant Ms. International (R), and was crowned Ms. International 2021.

World Class Beauty Queens: What inspired you to do your first pageant?

My first pageant was at the age of 50! I was at a wonderful juncture in my life, where my goal was to live my "50's" to it's fullest. Say "yes" to opportunities, "yes" to avenues for highlighting my commitment to Community, "yes" to trying new things and "yes" to setting new goals. Grabbing these opportunities to embrace life, always leads to the ability to say that your life was full and rewarding. Entering my first pageant at that juncture turning 50, Classic International Woman (under Lynda Samuels as the owner), was a great decision and "yes"! The highlight and honor was being crowned Classic International Woman 2018.

World Class Beauty Queens: Why did you choose to compete for your current title?

My experience in my first pageant was so wonderful! With that, I chose to continue on my celebration of life with the Ms. International 2021 pageant. Susan Jeske, Owner and Director of the pageant, has a wonderful reputation and long tenure in the business. So, I knew the caliber of the pageant would be wonderful. Most importantly, the timing was right in the need for a bigger voice for my platform. Over lockdown, while women were at home, they weren't necessarily going in for their regular screenings. The unfortunate reality is that now 2 years later, women are being diagnosed with latter stages of Breast Cancer. With statistically 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer, early detection is critical for the 85% survival rate at stage 1. My goal in doing the pageant was to access media and personal appearance avenues for community education and fundraising. in 2021 alone, I raised $250,000 so that women in underserved and downtrodden communities to have the money to get a mammogram they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford! With 44,000 women passing each year from Breast Cancer, my goal as Ms. International 2021 is to shrink that number!

World Class Beauty Queens: To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about?

Ms. International (R) Pageant was founded by Susan Jeske in 2010, a part of the Ms. America® Pageant Inc. system and is for women 26 years of age and up who are single, divorced, widowed or married. The beauty pageant has been developed to promote and honor women, celebrate their accomplishments and use their "Crown for a Purpose" to support and encourage involvement in volunteer service.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are you being judged on during the competition?

The four areas of the Ms. Internationl (R) competition were: Interview, opening number, evening gown, and onstage live question. I really loved and had an incredible experience through all areas of the competition.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your experience during the competition.

The theater and staging were first class. Being livestreamed as well as a full theater of family, friends, and pageant industry professionals opened doors for a broad and diversified audience. I really appreciated Susan Jeske's professionalism and pageant organization. Ms. Intyernational (R) was really well done!

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your platform or what cause do you volunteer for.

As one of only 50 women in the U.S. to be a named and Official Ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, I strive to do more and more each year for the organization. With several annual events, I raised $250,000 in the last 12 months alone. The majority of the funds went to scholarship monies for women in underserved communities to be able to afford mammograms and cancer screenings. As an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness, my continuing drive is advocating for women to save their lives with early detection, as well as bring hope, healing and recovery to women currently suffering from Breast Cancer.

World Class Beauty Queens: What appearances have you done with your title?

In December 2021, I laid wreaths on Veteran's graves at our local Memorial Park and cemetery. Honoring those whom served, and decorating their headstones with glory. January 2022 took me to Park City, Utah with an appearance at the National Ability Center for the handicapped. February 2022 I volunteered at my local Church.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are some of your achievements?

I been awarded honors through many charitable organizations which I have been involved with for nearly three decades. Feed My Starving Children, St. Mary’s Food Bank, Assisted Living Homes and Alzheimer Units, Operation Christmas Child, New Directions for Women Recovery Shelter, Salvation Army of Phoenix Christmas Angel, Samaritan’s Purse, Christian Family Care, Veterans causes, CASA, Foothills Food Bank and Resource Center, as well as several education-based foundations.

World Class Beauty Queens: What makes you stand out from all those other beautiful girls?

Perhaps I stand out based on the length of service and the level of service I give to community. I started giving back to community at the young age of 12, and I guess you could say I never stopped. I give as many as 950 hours annually to community. The more I give, the more rewarded I also feel.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about the moment your name was called out as the winner.

WOW, I was so thrilled! What a dream come true. I literally screamed!

World Class Beauty Queens: What does it mean to you to be a Beauty Queen?

Being a Beauty Queen means that I strive to be my best in all areas of my life. More than the physical beauty, I strive for internal beauty. Being a pageant queen means giving of yourself, selflessly, to elevate causes and turning beauty into good works.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did competing in pageants helped your life?

With a learning disability, I was always a shy child. I felt less than and different. So, with Beauty Pageants I guess you could say, forced me to overcome that. They say, "Do what scares you." So, by putting myself on stage, I am quickly getting over that childhood stage fright. I grew tremendously in that regard, over the last 3 years. More confidence, that's for sure.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did pageants helped your selfesteem and body image?

Beauty Queens come in all shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds. We, as women are ALL beautiful, no matter what shape or size God graced us to be. With aging also comes body changes. So, at 53, I am out there celebrating my mature body, and all of the wonderful journeys that have brought me where I am.

World Class Beauty Queens: You are an inspiration to all the girls out there. How does it feel?

I love inspiring and being a role model. Plus to those young ladies who are walking through tough spots in their lives, I have been through so much that I can be for them what I needed at that age. To be able to tell a young lady who has a learning disability, that the sky is the limit, and show her just how I reached my unending heights, inspires me in return.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is your on stage strategy to win the judges over?

I have worked with three pageant coaches over the years. Man-o-man was that helpful for stage presence! I believe in eye contact, having a huge glowing smile, and standing tall and proud.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did you prepare for your competition?

I prepared by meeting with pageant coaches. I highly recommend utilizing their expertise!

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for learning better pageant walk?

Coming 30 years in the modeling industry, I learned quite a bit over that time. Runway walk and posing for the camera has come to me over that 30 years. I also spent time during those 3 decades learning my best angles. Pageant coaching, plus watching lot and lots of YouTube pageant walk instructional videos also helped perfect my pageant walk.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for choosing right pageant dress?

Choosing the perfect pageant competition gown started with accepting my age, 53, and choosing a gown appropriate there. Classy and classic! Over time I have learned what necklines and color look best on me. Part of my choosing a pageant gown is to keep up with current pageant trends, and what is right now on the stages of the pageant world.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for winning interview?

Coming out of a professional arena, business interview comes naturally to me. My first interview was at 14 years of age, as I started working outside of my neighborhood. I tend to be a good listener, make good eye contact and engage with people easily. I believe first step to answering an interview question, is taking a pause and hearing exactly what the judge is asking. Try not to go off in a tangent to something off topic. Again, working with a pageant coach will assist with interview in wonders. There are many mock interview opportunities online as well, which I have participated.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is one mistake that you've done during competing you wish you could redo and fix it?

I wish I took my evening gown walk a bit slower in the Ms. International (R) Pageant. I think that is pretty common... rushing through. Take a deep breath, walk at a moderately slow pace and pause for that 3 second pose at each point.

World Class Beauty Queens: What other mistakes are made by girls during the contest?

I don't believe in mistakes. I believe in every woman doing her best, being authentic to who she is. and reaching new heights through women supporting women.

World Class Beauty Queens: Any modeling or acting experience?

I have over 30 years of experience in the modeling and fashion world. Currently, I am focused on the lifestyle and corporate campaign segment, booking modeling work through my Los Angeles agent, as well as freelance. My modeling experience has taken me to many set locations, numerous destinations, and my presence has been seen globally. I have experience in trunk shows, runway, tea room modeling, fit modeling, print, e-commerce, video work, as well as magazine. A highlight has been walking New York Fashion Week three times, as well as a feature billboard in Times Square.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your plans for 2022 as a Queen?

Coming up in March, I will be making a personal appearance at a Women's and Chidren's Recovery Shelter Fundraising Event. Also in March, I have been casted to film a BRAVO TV show, which will air in December 2022. Then, in May, I am hosting a Breast Cancer HOPE Kit packing party. Hope kits are care packages with thoughtful things, presented to each woman I encounter as they are first diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Director: Susan Jeske-Irvine

Pageant website: Ms. America Pageant

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview! Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine.

Darlene Quinn Ms. International 2021, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Stage Photos by Daniel Pham Photography White and Black Dress Photo by Michael Franco Pink and Rose Dress Photo by Georgina Vaughn

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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