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Annecia Morgan

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Annecia Morgan, World Class Models Magazine, Photo by Wade Rhoden
Annecia Morgan, World Class Models Magazine, Photo by Wade Rhoden

World Class Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing model Annecia Morgan.

Full name: Annecia Morgan Age: 23 yrs old Nationality: Jamaica Height: 5'10 .5 Eye Color: dark brown Hair Color: dark brown Waist: 25 inches Hips: 36.5 inches Shoe size: 10.5 Zodiac Sign: libra Facebook: Annecia Alia Morgan Instagram: iamanneciamorgan Status: Single World Class Jamaican Models Magazine: Hello Annecia please tell us where are you writing from? "The sun city " Portmore St.Catherine, from the beautiful island of Jamaica.

World Class Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself. I am Annecia Morgan, I am a brand ambassador, entrepreneur and professional make-up artist. who is in love with fishing, volunteering, meditating and eating different types of cuisines. I have always loved modelling since the early age of 17. I started my modeling career. I have been blessed to have my auntie with me and this journey we called life because I lost my mother at the age of 8 years old. She gave me strength to pursue a modelling career, and a life in modeling. I am a lover of food so i have to balance my love with my health and weight and food. Because my aim is to be the best model on the scene. I love pageants so I have entered a lot because I think it gives you a technical knowledge of how to walk, speak and exist as a queen and to understand the modeling craft better.

World Class Models Magazine: What type of model are you? I have done all types of modeling with an exception of fitness modeling. but the areas I love are a runway and editorial model. These types of modeling iare where my body and mind come alive.

World Class Models Magazine: Tell us about your modeling experience.

I have done alot of fashion shows from the age of 17. I have done Caribbean fashion week from 17 years of age until now, this event is where designers from all over the world, come to Jamaica and show what they are made of; I did Collection Moda, Which was amazing that is where I meet Carlton Jones and House of Carmicheal and was blessed to lit the runway on fire wearing these designers brainchilds, and I was in london of a vacation standing at the bus stop and I got scouted to do London fashion week in 2017, and also go got featured in vogue London. It has been great in model and I am aiming to touch the heavens of the modeling industry.

World Class Models Magazine: What or who inspired you to become a model? When I was 9 years old I was watching television and I saw this beautiful model walking on something called a runway. I told myself that I'd be walking that very same runway when I get older, Altea Laing, Niomi Campbell, Sindy Crawford and Lida Eveglista are who I look at as how I rise to be a model; then years later it happened ! This journey to be a model is not over because I want to be a Supermodel like Altea Laing who took over the fashion industry at 27 years of age.

World Class Models Magazine: Please tell us about the your cover achievements so far.

I have been in many magazines but on the cover of a magazine twice now, I wear eye wear for Eyeland eyewear Jamaica and I have been on the Moda collection magazine cover wearing Carlton Jones. each experience has brought me cost to what and where I want to be. I am optimistic and know that I will be on the cover of more than a 1000 magazine covers at the same time. Harper's Bazaar, Vogue (all of them) , Allure, Vanity Fair, Elle, InStyle, just to name a few. I will be the best in the world and I am working now so when that happens I can handle the success. World Class Models Magazine: What other designers have you worked with? I Have worked with Marta jabukouski and faustine stienmetz both based in the UK ( United kingdom ) Andre shirly, drena Luna, courtney washington, Cesar galindo , carlton brown, Kadian nicely, uzuri , nikki Wright, mutombo, endless designs, David raphellita, Carlton Jones, the list goes on. But I am waiting to walk and work with so many more. World Class Models Magazine: Which part of your body is your biggest asset? I think my body on a whole is an asset, I love my unique facial features, my long elegant neck, my arms and my legs, World Class Models Magazine: Who is your favorite photographer you like to work with?

Nicki kane is one of the photographers I love working with. The technical know-how is amazing to watch and experience and inspire me to all aim to make all my images amazing, because I know I am in love with the camera and it is in love with me. World Class Models Magazine: Where do you see yourself as a model in 2022?

I see myself as a successful fashion model but also a role model as well. I am in love with the modeling Industry and what I can use it to achieve. I want to be signed by an international agency Like IMG, Elite or Red Model Management and use my skill to work like a boss on every and all major and minor campaigns around the world. World Class Models Magazine: What are your modeling dreams and ambitions?

Traveling the world modeling, being featured on Victoria secrets and to work with the top notch designers known from all over the world and to one day become a model runway coach. I was to train the next aspiring models to show them with hard work and dedication the world is your garden and professionalism is your guide. I was to climb to the great heights of a supermodel like Altea Laing and Niomi cambpell.

World Class Models Magazine: You are also a pageant title holder. Please tell us about it.

I was a contestant in the miss universe Jamaica pageant 2018. I made it to the top 14 and I also won a sectional prize " RUNWAY STAR ", I am now in the ANdwar Pageant competition because I am always trying to refine my model and pageant skills and also to represent my country internationally

World Class Models Magazine would like to thank you for this wonderful interview.

Thank you for the opportunity as well ! Interview by Dwayne Hinds Editor in Chief of World Class Jamaican Models Magazine.

Annecia Morgan, World Class Models Magazine, Photo by Wade Rhoden

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